Who Is Waking Masses?

Who am I?

This is who!

I am GR Swardson, the One-Man Looping Rock Band. Watch and listen to my guitars, bass, and drums as I build the songs in real time. I have been playing music practically all of my life. Starting with wooden spoons on pots and pans at the age of 3, to my amazing parents getting me my first guitar at the age of 6 after discovering my love of playing air guitar dancing around the living room. I played my first talent show in the 4th grade and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to do with my life. In high school I played in Jazz, Marching, and Concert Bands and have been playing in bands ever since, such as Rock/Metal, Reggae, Blues, and Funk/Rock/Hip Hop. My love for Solo Looping I found on the streets of 16th street mall in downtown Denver CO. 10 years later Im my own Rock band with my own rules and absolutely loving this life that God has provided me with! Blessed isn't enough to describe it. Anyway please follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and X to see where I'm at. Subscribe, Like, Share and Donate to PayPal or Facebook Cash if I touched the tones of your soul and curiosity. Thank You. Peace, Love, Music.